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Custom Veggie Shares


What Is a Custom Veggie Share? 

Our Custom Veggie Box is a type of CSA - that stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's a way that people have been supporting small-scale local farms since the 60s. The basic idea is that you support a local farm by paying for your vegetables upfront, before they've even been grown. Then, you receive vegetables throughout the growing season, fresh from the farm. By paying for your vegetables before the growing season begins, you are providing the farmers with the income they need to purchase seeds, compost, and other investments, as well as allowing them to plan for the season ahead, which helps to reduce food waste. In return, you're getting priority access to the best veggies, at their freshest.  

Why Subscribe?

  • Priority access to amazingly fresh, in-season, local, organic veggies

  • Choose exactly what veggies you want, and how many you need

  • Receive cooking tips and recipes each week, and share with other farm share members on a members-only Facebook group

  • Support a real, local, family farm

  • Attend farm tours and events

  • Contribute to strong, sustainable local food system

How to Join?

Sign-up opens February 1st 2019! Check back then!

How Does Our Custom Veggie Share Work? 

In a Nutshell:

  • Receive a box of veggies each week, from mid- June - mid October, customized to your preferences

  • Check out what’s in your box online - then add, swap, or remove veggies

  • Pick your box up at the farm or the Farmers’ Market

  • Get cooking tips, recipes, and farm updates from us each week

The Details:

A CSA with Choice and Flexibility
In a traditional CSA, you receive a selection of whatever is growing in the field that week, chosen by the farmer. Supporting your local farm and getting fresh veggies is awesome! But we don't know how many carrots you need, or whether you hate green beans, or if you're feeling adventurous enough to try a kohlrabi. What we do know is that families these days are very busy, and we want to make getting fresh, local veggies as easy and convenient as possible. With our custom boxes, you can choose the veggies you want, when you want them, all while supporting a real, local family farm. 

Completely Customized
We’ve teamed up with an awesome software company called Harvie, who have created a program to allow small farms like us offer customized farm shares. You’ll be able to rate each vegetable we grow, and the software will generate a customized share for you each week. Before you pick up, you can go online and customize your share even more - swap out veggies, add extras, or take veggies out. This allows you to get exactly what you want each week! And if you’re going away for a week - no problem! You can re-schedule to pick up your missed share on any other week.