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On "Waiting" and 2018 Plans

Kim Barker

It's one of those days that first feels like spring. The sun is warm and birds are reveling. As I sit here typing, I am waiting for a different kind of new beginning - I am officially one day past my due date for our first child. 

We've been doing a lot of waiting recently, it seems. Waiting to build our barn, to start planting, to get our farm going again. "Waiting" perhaps isn't the most accurate word though because it implies passivity. We've been far from passive! Getting the farm started again is a lot of work, (and of course we had to throw in a honeymoon and a pregnancy to the mix). Here are some of the things we've been doing while "waiting":

  • Salvaging parts from an old barn
  • Redesigning our website and logo
  • Recreating our business plan
  • Cover-cropping the field
  • Planning our field layout
  • Designing a new barn (for processing and storing our veggies, as well as a farm store and a kitchen)
  • Seeking out permits, engineers, contractors, and financing for our new barn

When we moved to my parents' beautiful property in the fall of 2016, our plan was to start operating our farm in the summer of 2018. But we've decided we need more time to dedicate to building a strong foundation for our operation. The land can use another summer of improving the soil through compost and cover crops. And we currently have no infrastructure in place for storing and processing our vegetables, which is a huge element of our operation. Beyond that, there is the baby I mentioned earlier. So, the summer of 2018 is dedicated to building a barn, improving the soil, planting a garden for ourselves, and taking our first steps into the journey of parenthood. 

While it is a little hard to wait some more before actually growing, I believe we're fortunate to be able to take this time to plan and build the foundations of our farm. The hope is that it will set us up for success when we actually do begin operating our business.

And our plan is to begin operation in the summer of 2019. So stay tuned, follow us on social media for updates, and wish us luck as we enter this next stage of our lives and business!